Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All Aboard!

Gainz. 65 snatch yesterday (55 for a triple). Starting to feel like a weightlifter now! Didn't attempt any higher. Also have been told to do more upper body work, so bench press comeback 2014!

Probably will be the last time I'm checking in before my trip overseas. I really hope I don't lose too much strength while I'm away.

Bwt 62-63

Train hard.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Last day of training until uni and hence regular training stars. I'll probably be starting my program properly then as well. Just quick post here for new 88 clean and jerk PB. Jerks were feeling easy but couldn't clean 90 due to retard second pull. Still happy.

Train hard.

P.S. might also keep track of my bodyweight at each post. Currently 61-62.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Way of Life

The main problem I used to have with training is demotivation. I'd pick up a game or something and then get so into that I'd get lazy, or I'd get frustrated with slow progress I'd skip training.

It's a lot different now, sometimes I do still have that feeling where I'm just going through the motions and not really getting anywhere. But it's not often and it's not a lot, and I stick through it because if I don't I'll be letting other people down. I like it this way, because it's much more frustrating losing everything I worked for because I got lazy for a month.

Rant over, update time: I missed the last competition, and will be missing the next one (unfortunately) due to a Vietnam trip. Hopefully if I have leftover money from the Vietnam trip I might be able to afford going into the League round when I come back but we will have to see.

Training has been very easy-going the past month and a half. Was going roughly around twice a week due to exams and having a social life in the holidays. Getting back into it this week; uni starts up again next week so I expect my training to go back to normal too. New program, back to four times a week to accommodate for my new uni timetable.

62kg PB Snatch today, even after feeling pretty beat up from training the past two consecutive days. Missed 64kg behind but the height was definitely there. I probably would have got it after another attempt or two but I'll save it for later; I'm happy with the 2kg PB.

Train hard.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

It's week 11 and I'm maxing out. Probably will update this throughout the week if I get more PBs.

CJ  85
SN 60
FS 130
BS 140

Clean 93
Power Snatch 55x2
Press 55

Fun times.

Train hard.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Everyday I'm Studying

Studying a lot. Coach pushed me a lot on Friday. Was doing CJ doubles and singles at 64kg and 67kg respectively (90% and 95%). Got told I should be doing 70kg first set triples. Long story short I got told to stop being a nancy, ended up PBing 85kg. Got 87kg miss recorded, very funny but I might have injured my back which is slightly worrying, but already feels better. Going to definitely buy a belt for heavy jerks. I'll see how they feel. Said recorded video:

Anyway point being, PB and also want to post up Grades so I don't have to check AWF so often.

Elite               261 279
International   234 251
A Grade        215 230
B Grade        195 209
C Grade        169 181
D Grade        143 153
E Grade         117 125

Nationals 2013. U23 AWF International won't make it unless I'm a genius/doping. A grade is just too much for October 2013. The Js are already really good yet they're not even B Grade. Plus I'll be moving up at some point probably.

Next goals: 100kg CJ. 80kg SN. BS 160kg. FS 140kg.

Train hard.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Change the Channel

So, it was really random. I asked the coach for some advice; I had wanted to do another extra day (amounting to two extra days) on top of my three day program. Just more squats and all that, as I figured I'm quite used to this 3.5 day program thing and I think it's time to up it a bit.

And the advice came to me in a form of a newly formed 5-day program for me. With squats four times a week. And press three times a week. and snatch squats three times a week. And technical lifts four times a week

So yeah, luckily this week had the QWA Masters Championship so I got Saturday off. But I only started on Thursday and by the end of Friday I already felt like I got the crap beaten out of me.

It's good though. I hope my body will harden up to it, I'll have to admit I was starting to get pretty comfortable. Also I started on week 4 to sync it to the QWA League Round 3 (with JME falling on the rest week 8), so the next few comps should be really good.

This is my current program:

Check out my YouTube channel for more information and videos about my training:

Train hard.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Singles

Was meant to do Jerks. Coach got me to do Jerks, Cleans and Snatches instead.

PB Jerk 80
PB Clean 80
PB Snatch 57

Still sitting around 61kg.

Not a bad day.

Train hard.